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The Rivers And Canals Of Bangkok

Bangkok was founded in 1782 and ever since the rivers and canals have been the main mode of transportation. The interlinked network of natural and man-made canals ended giving Bangkok the title of Venice of the East.

Even today, Bangkok’s river and canals are used to get around the city and many locals prefer this mode of transportation to any other.

People visiting Bangkok say that one cannot leave the city without visiting the temples of Bangkok. However, one should not leave the city without taking a ride on the river and canals of Bangkok.

Chao Phraya Express Boat

This is one of the cheapest boat trips in Bangkok. The Chao Phraya Express Boat service runs between the pier at Wat Ratsingkhon, which is near Krungthep Bridge in Yannawa District, and Nonthaburi clock tower.

The trip gives a view of the temples, churches, palaces and the royal boat house which are alongside the river, and it takes 40 minutes from start to finish. This boat service runs from 5:30 am to 6:00 pm and the cost depends on the distance traveled.

Klong Mon

There are boats that make the trip to Klong Mon and these boats leave every 30 minutes from the River City pier on Charoen Krung Road. The boat trip gives a fascinating glimpse of rural life as it passes through orchards and orchid farms.

Klong Saen Saeb

This one of the main city routes for commuters and shoppers. This canal runs from the Phan Fa Bridge through the main shopping districts of Bo Bae, Ratchathewi, Ratchadamri, Pratunam, Chitlom and Ramkhamhaeng.

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The Bangkok Corrections Museum - Prison Life in a Thai Jail

The Bangkok Corrections Museum in Maha Chai Road preserves gruesome aspects of Thai prison history and the brutal prison life before reforms were made to the penal system.

It's located on the site of a former Bangkok maximum security prison built in 1890, during the reign of King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) after a study visit to the prisons in Singapore.

The prison museum was first established in 1939, in another prison, the Bang Kwang Central Prison, as a training center for corrections officers. Located in Nonthaburi just outside Bangkok, the Bang Kwang Central Prison has earned the dubious sobriquet, "Bangkok Hilton".

In 1987, the Thai government decided to demolish the prison in Maha Chai Road. Three blocks, a cellblock, a side of the prison wall and two watchtowers were preserved to establish the Bangkok Corrections Museum. The rest of the prison compound was converted to a public park.

The park was named Romanni Nart Park and officially opened on 7 August 1999 by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn.

The old penal system was based on retribution through severe punishment and suffering. This is painfully apparent as one goes through the exhibits in the museum.

The ground floor of Block 1 in the Bangkok Corrections Museum where our tour starts, features photographs of the old prison compound and the process of demolition. There's a scaled model of the old prison compound then and the park and museum now, a stark contrast.

The exhibits upstairs are grisly; life-size waxed figures in execution scenes. Previously, condemned prisoners were flogged 90 times before being beheaded by sword. Three executioners are used to ensure that the job gets done.

King Prajadhipok (King Rama VII) abolished this practice in 1934.

The rifle replaced the sword. The condemned prisoner is tied behind a screen with his back to the screen. The executioner fires a pre-aligned rifle mounted on a tripod from the other side of the screen. Photographs display the gory results of both forms of execution.

Executions in Thailand were changed to lethal injection in October 2003.

Blocks 2 & 3 of the Bangkok Corrections Museum are a pleasant reprieve from the mock execution chambers. These blocks exhibit furniture and handicraft, of a high quality, made by prisoners from all over the Thailand. The items are for sale.

The last stop in the Bangkok Corrections Museum is through the gate in the old prison wall fronting Rommani Nart Park. Block 9 is a preserved two-story cellblock in the old prison compound, not a place for the fainted-hearted.

Cells in this block exhibit the execution frame to which the condemned prisoner is tied, crockery for the last meal, gambling and drugs paraphernalia used by prisoners.

Other cells display tools for the brutal punishment of prisoners, a display made more gruesome by the life-size figures used:

A rattan ball pierced with nails into which the prisoner is trussed. An elephant is used to kick the rattan ball around!

A coffin-like box, with a perforated lid, in which a prisoner is bound and left to bake in the sun with the lid closed.

Sharpened bamboo sticks driven by a mallet under the nails of prisoners whose hands are fixed in wooden vices...

In 1908, as part of penal reforms, King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) abolished all these barbarous tortures.

The pleasant Rommani Nart Park today belies the horrors of the prison it replaced. Old men sit and watch the day go by as teenagers engage in robust ball games. The torture and sufferings in past prison life seemed so distant, preserved only in the Bangkok Corrections Museum.

In 2005, some social scientists in Thailand have commented that the prisons are getting too comfortable to serve as deterrence!

Has the pendulum swung the other way?

To tour this unusual Bangkok legacy, please see map to the Bangkok Corrections Museum

Visit the Bangkok Corrections Museum when you Tour Bangkok Legacies and stroll through the corridors of history. The author Eric Lim, a free-lance writer, lives in Bangkok Thailand.

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Rivers Of Thailand-Chao Phraya

The major river of Thailand is the Chao Phraya. It has low alluvial soil which marks the plains of Thailand. Chao Phraya originates from the meeting point of two other rivers Ping and Nan. The main tributary to Nan River is the Yom River.

Wang River is another river which flows in northern Thailand and this is 335 miles long. It originates from Ping River.

The longest river in Thailand is the Chi River which is 765 km but the water flow is very low. It runs through the Yasothon province of Thailand.

Chao Phraya runs for 372 km from Bangkok to the Gulf of Thailand. It bifurcates into two in a place called Chainat. The main portion of the river, known as the Chin River, flows parallel to Chao Phraya and ends in the Gulf. It is called by many names. In Chainat, it is called Makhamthao river and when it passes through Suphanburi, it is called Suphan. It becomes Nakhon Chaisi river when it enters Nakhon Pathon and after that it is known as Tha Chin river when it reaches the mouth of Samut Sakhon. Many canals are diverted from Chin River and the water from the canals is used for irrigation.

Nonthaburi Uthai Thani, , Singburi, Nakhon Sawan, Ang Thong, Ayutthaya and Chainat Pathum Thani are the cities along the flowing river. Nakhon Sawan is the city where the two major rivers Nan and Ping meet. Ang Thong is an agricultural land and Chao Phraya and Noi River meet in this city.
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Bangkok Crocodile Farm - To Give a Touch on Crocodile Skin

Founded in 1950 at Tambon Tai Ban in Samutprakarn, Bangkok Crocodile Farm is considered to be the largest crocodile center in the world. The concept of establishing the farm was born in mind of Mr. Utai Youngprapakorn who is well known as "Crocodile King" in Thailand and now it functions as the main center of education and research on wildlife preservation.

The farm houses over 60,000 thousand crocodiles of 28 diverse species of all over the world and some of them are unique in Thailand and cannot be seen elsewhere. And it is the house of the largest crocodile of the world that has ever been found in captivity. The main feature of the farm is the daily shows which are the major reason that a large number of people get magnetized every day into the farm. The 'Crocodile Wrestling' shows the crocodile keepers catch crocodiles with bare-hands and put their heads in crocodiles' mouths without fear and with no safety gadgets which amazes the visitor as in how these dangerous creatures are trained not to taste man flesh alive.

In addition, shows include an elephant show which is another key event that takes place every day. and also visitors have the opportunity to see many other wild animals such as tigers, turtles, pythons, hippopotamuses, and many species of birds and fish. And the farm's zoo offers elephant and camel rides, visit to the 'Monkey Playground' where a number of chimpanzees and baboons can be seen closely and paddle boat rides for reasonable charges. The shows take place daily every hour from 8am to 5 pm except at noon.

Moreover, the Crocodile Farm even includes a Dinosaur Museum that exhibit life-size skeletons and models of over 13 kinds of dinosaurs. The museum also performs presentations on the relation between prehistoric animals and man, throughout which visitors would be able to gain a considerable knowledge on the world's history.

Furthermore, one can find world's premier hospitality facilities around with Bangkok hotel accommodations with top-class customer service and mouth watering cuisines. For instance, Bangkok serviced apartments such as President Park welcomes its visitors with stylish interiors and spacious rooms and excellent cuisines in order to serve the best accommodation facilities.

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How To - Bangkok Holiday Packages Tips

Bangkok is the capital, largest urban area and primate city of Thailand. The city mix of Thai, Chinese, Indian, Buddhist, Muslim and Western culture combined with the driving force of the Thai economy makes it gradually more nice-looking to foreigners both for business and happiness and has made the city the world's top tourist objective. A river journey in Bangkok provides a very different viewpoint of life in the city on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, an aspect you can't get from the usual Bangkok city tour.

Bangkok nightlife has a status for life form natural and noisy. But at the same time it's comfortable, secure, agreeable and great fun! Quickly establishing itself as Asia capital of cool, Bangkok miscellaneous nightlife panorama facial appearance everything from excellent live music and good jazz clubs to ultra cool bars, trendy clubs and great restaurants - and goes far beyond its once-upon-a-time seedy and mischievous image.

The traveler can find Bangkok by night as a careless place to relax with a drink, enjoy a straight dinner while listening to a live jazz performance, take a dinner cruise on a traditional teak rice barge down the Chao Phraya river in the moonlight or enjoy a conventional dance presentation at the Patravadi Theater, where conventional and fashionable theater elements are included into something quite unique and Thai. Bangkok is known for its large green sections within the city center, including the large forest park between Yannawa and Samut Prakan. The Stock Exchange of Thailand is located in Bangkok with over 500 listed companies.

Bangkok also includes many shopping and business roads like the Sukhumvit Road which includes high-rise business buildings, apartments, and shopping malls, Sukhumvit Road is where many foreigners like to come shopping. Bangkok is Thailand's major tourist gateway, which means that the majority of foreign tourists arrive in Bangkok. The city boasts some of the country's most visited chronological venues such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun. There are numerous projects to maintain Bangkok's momentous sites in the Rattanakosin area and river districts. Wat Pho, which houses the Temple of the Reclining Buddha or Wat Phra Chetuphon, is located behind the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in the Grand Palace. Thailand has a variety of shopping experiences from street markets to world class luxury malls.

Tourists have in times gone by always preferred famous markets to the other forms of shopping. The Chatuchak weekend market is one of the largest shopping destinations in Bangkok. Bangkok offers a widely varied nightlife. Like nearby Pattaya, the city is notorious for some concentrations of massage parlous, go-go bars and karaoke places, with Pat pong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza being the main areas catering to male tourists. This has led Bangkok to be called 'The World Biggest Whorehouse'. Millions of people from all corners visit Thailand every year to enjoy its nightlife, which led to the growth of new hotels clubs and bars. In many nightclubs in Bangkok, you will see dance very sensual. Nightclubs, nightclubs, taverns and offer customers all sorts of alcoholic beverages. A section keen for the Pat pong nightlife is, in most of this district, you can also visit the interesting Nana Plaza.

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Muang Boran - The Ancient City in Bangkok

The vast piece of land, spreading over 200 acres, resembling the shape of Thailand with many original and reproductions of buildings, monuments and statues, was built up under the patronage of Lek Viriyaphant and considered as the largest open air museum in the world. It is situated in Samut Prakan province and close to the Crocodile Farm and consists of the beautiful gardens, some of which are depicting Thai legends.

The replicas in the ancient city have been constructed with the support of professionals of the national museum in order to make sure that their historical accuracy would be shown as it is. Also some buildings are life-size models of existing and former sites, and the others are one-third scale. Muang Boran has sculptures from the Thai legend, "the Ramakien" which demonstrates the Royal Barge procession, and a model Thai village in which craftsmen have used ceramics, paper umbrellas and lacquer items as building materials.

The floating market in the ancient city is another major part of the attraction which has been filled with water. In this lake there are flocks of large fish that can be fed with local food. And nay one can feast the tasty food including traditional Thai food according to his or her selection in the floating restaurant. Also we can see small shops selling Thai handicrafts and souvenirs to the tourists which are not in very higher prices. The most admirable fact is that the entrance fee is just 300 THB which is a very reasonable amount comparing to what can be gained out of it and every visitor gets free use of a bicycle during the open time from 8am to 5pm in order to explore the whole area.

Also to mention some of the other outstanding works in this legendary city, the former Grand Palace of Ayutthaya can be mentioned. But it was ruined by the Burmese during the invasion in 1767. And Phimai Sanctuary also can be mentioned as one of the key attractions within the ancient city. The common factor of these constructions is that the plan and ornaments of the structure have been affected by their real historical ruins and the relevant documents in order to keep its original forms.

And another important fact for those prefer to have a long stay a number of Bangkok service apartments such as Royal President are located near by the Muang Boran that welcomes the visitors offering superior level facilities with reasonable charging.

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